Types of Golf Balls

To start, what are golf balls?

golf Ball Golf balls are the tiny balls with the surface covered in dimples. As the name shows, these are balls used to play golf. They are hit around the course using a golf club; the game is considered done when one of the players is able to place his golf ball inside the hole assigned per round. Golf balls weigh just about 1.620 oz, or 45.93 grams. They have a diameter of 1.680 inches or 42.67 mm. Golf standards demand that golf makers follow that measurement. In fact, golf makers, before they are able to sell their golf balls to the public, should be able pass a certain requirement.

This is the testing and approval for a golf ball, done by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews or R&A for short, and the United States Golf Association, or the USGA. These are the two official associations for golf; they work together to create and regularly revise the “Rules of Golf.” This is the official standards rule book of the game; it is made up of the standards set for the adequate range of performance. For example, there is a section on the Rules of Golf which talks about the minimum and maximum allowable golf ball flight characteristics, distance, symmetry, and velocity.

In general, there are three basic types of golf ball available for the player.

The first is the recreational ball. As made obvious by its name, it is the golf ball often used during casual or informal games. This is the type of ball often carried by a common golf player. This is also the most known golf ball. This particular type is characterized by having low compression and a reduction in sidespin characteristics. With this, it is often recommended to players who are more comfortable delivering low swing speeds. The speed is considered low when it falls just around 80 to 100 miles per hour.

The other classification of golf ball is the practice ball. Also known as the range ball, this certain type of ball is patterned closely to the recreational ball, but is created as cheaply as possible. It is still durable though, and has the same performance as the common golf ball. It, however, has a shorter flight distance and does not contain certain features that make it appropriate for a casual game. Because of its low price and lack of better flight characteristics, it is best for players who are still training to improve their drives and who often end up losing their balls during the game.

Taylormad Golf BallThe last of the three common types of golf ball is the best of the bunch. This ball, called the advanced ball, is a multilayered one that is created for professional and highly skilled players. Because it has three or more layers, it is able to produce a higher amount of sidespins, especially when players aim for lofted shots using the wedges. An advanced ball is also very tiring to use for inexperienced players because it requires the player to hit it with an above-average swing speed so that it would compress upon impact.

However, one cannot just hit the advanced ball as strong as he can because the swing speed should be able to match the provided golf ball compression. Matching the two allows the player to maximize the flight distance. Under- or over-compression would only lead to loss of flight distance. In addition, this particular golf ball type is substantially more costly than other types. These pro-level balls are often seen during sanctioned games and professional trainings.


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