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An Expert Guide on How To Make Your Website Sell More

How To Make Your Website Sell More – An Expert Guide

Just to clarify – you don’t have to be in the digital marketing industry for 30 years to be an expert. With the amount of information available on the Web and the fact that Web technologies have improved in leaps and bounds – anyone can become a Google guru in their own right – all it takes is a little elbow grease and the willingness to try new things.

If you feel that you are ready to take your business to the next level by generating better, more qualified leads and more sales, take a look below.

  1. Inspect your website’s lead generating sources

 lead generation

A lead generator is any page on your website where you have a CTA – like a sign-up form, contact form, download form, etc. SEOExplode says that CTAs generally have two purposes – to collect emails and other sign-up details (like full names and phone numbers, too) and to provide content to people who sign up.

Promotional offers can also be routed through landing pages and presented to users via CTAs. Each website has lead generators – but not all of them are equal. In order to find out how a lead generator is actually doing, you need to take a look at the statistics driving your lead generators.

Some things to ask yourself as you examine the numbers:

– How much traffic is this page getting?

– Is the page converting? At what level?

– Do I have any feedback on the CTA or offer I have on the page?

– Are my competitors offering something similar and how are they doing it?

Examining the competition is absolutely necessary if you want to get ahead. The information is already there; you simply have to be willing to examine what’s already been done. You don’t have to follow suit (not really), but you need to keep abreast of what other digital marketers in your niche are doing.

The close inspection of your lead generators can coincide with your split testing plans. Because once you have identified the under-performing lead generators on your website, the next logical step would be to make sure that you are rectifying the errors that you have spotted.

  1. Try Call Tracking

 call tracking

Call tracking services record the frequency of calls to specific numbers. When creating landing pages, try assigning a unique number to each page whenever possible. The calls will still be routed to your main number. If you have sales staff on board, you can determine if the problem is how people are reaching out to you, or there are inherent weaknesses in how your sales staff is handling calls that can potentially convert.

  1. Go deep with heat maps

 heat map

A “heat map” of a Web page is basically a map of the areas that people frequently click, read, and scroll. Since a full Web page has multiple columns, buttons, elements, lists, and what not, it’s important that you use tools like crazyegg to determine what parts of your Web pages are helping you convert more, and which ones aren’t helping that much.

Referrals, or where traffic is originating or which page within your website is helping your users find landing pages, are also important. What do you do with the information that you get from a heat map?

First, you can capitalize on what people already like. For example, blog posts that are extremely popular, shareable, and tend to draw people for long minutes can be beefed up, so the shoot up on Google search results even more.

This is what bright digital marketers do: because they are so familiar with how their traffic behaves, they know how to capitalize and update the right pages and posts on their blogs.

The result? They end up with nearly unbeatable content and genuine reader feedback where people discuss what they have read.

As a digital marketer, you know that this type of edge is a diamond mine, because through that one important post with lots of traffic and content, you can already initiate the path through your marketing funnel. It sounds so simple but in reality, it really does take time and patience with monitoring your website.

  1. Don’t forget Google Analytics

 google analytics

Google Analytics can give you a quick overview of how your pages are converting – or not. When certain channels are not working, it would be best to refocus your energies and resources on the channels that do work – so you can start making more sales.

You can just circle back later on to improve other channels. But your main goal would always be to capitalize on your strengths first and then rectify elements that prevent you from maximizing your strengths.

  1. Set up live chat on your website

 live chat

Live chat is not just for websites that sell physical or digital products. Live chat is an invaluable asset for all kinds of online businesses, because you get to talk to people who are so genuinely interested in your website that they actually want to talk to someone about their interest. Second, a live chat interface can help increase the average dwell time on your website, and Google will also pick up that traffic to your website is utilizing complex functions/features while they are on your website.

Remember Google’s RankBrain? RankBrain is the search engine’s machine-learning brain that processes ‘signals’ or hundreds of different interactions, signs, and components that help Google determine the relevance of Web pages.

Google no longer indexes and rewards content based solely on keyword content. That is so 2009. In 2019, keyword still matter but if you want to make it to top spots during search, you need to bring in the big content guns and provide a relevant and memorable experience to your users. In short, you can’t be winging it anymore – because search engines are quick to detect crappy content.

People who also use spinning software and link farms are penalized so quickly by Google that they stripped of the ability to earn through the search engine for months. According to Matt Cutts, they typically penalize websites that don’t follow the current set of best practices for months, and then they reboot the evaluation until the search engine learns to trust the website again.

The Secret Lending Option You Do Not Know About – Pawn For Money

pawnA lot of people get into financial peril and they don’t really know whether or not they are going to be able to make ends meet. They look at different solutions, and the most common is obvious, they go to a bank, ask friends, and try to get a loan.

There are several ways that you can get a loan, and most of them are interesting, but they aren’t always going to work out the way that you think. It’s for that reason why you may want to look into a few notes on the secret lending option that is getting popularity today.

One of the best options that you will want to explore is that of a pawn shop. Pawn solutions are great to work with, and they work differently than what you may think about.

Traditional Routes of Loans Are Tough

Before getting into the lending option that works with a pawn option, you first need to take into consideration what the routes of traditional lending looks like. Let’s take into consideration credit as a major option. The first major thing that you are going to need to know about lending in the traditional sense is that your credit worthiness is going to come into question.

This means that you will need to take into account your credit history. A credit score is going to help you understand whether or not you can get a loan. If you have a score that is less than 600, for instance, you may not be accepted for most credit cards, or lines of credit. That makes it difficult to get a home, and get through traditional solutions as a whole. This his tricky, to say the least. A lot of people cannot get forward progress with traditional lending, simple as that.

Pawn Shop Lending Alternative

Now, if you don’t have a good credit score, or you don’t really know how to work with progressing with a financial gain, then you need to look at how a pawn shop works. A pawn shop can give you money with relative ease. What they will give you is simple, an opportunity to get a loan without having to spend too much money.

The option to work with, is simple. You go to a pawn shop or online shop, and you give up a piece of collateral. This could be gold, silver, watches, jewelry, or other things. You will give up your item and it will get assessed for value, and you will be given a price point.

Now, you will get paid out based on the value of your item, and then you will need to pay it all back. If you pay your loan back, you get your item back. If you don’t pay it back, you will lose the item, it’s that simple.

Now, the big thing here is that when you get to a pawn option, you will not have to worry about your credit score, or anything relegated to thee notion of credit. Pawn solutions are fast, and don’t look your credit history to give you a loan, they look at your collateral offering.

Types of Golf Balls

To start, what are golf balls?

golf Ball Golf balls are the tiny balls with the surface covered in dimples. As the name shows, these are balls used to play golf. They are hit around the course using a golf club; the game is considered done when one of the players is able to place his golf ball inside the hole assigned per round. Golf balls weigh just about 1.620 oz, or 45.93 grams. They have a diameter of 1.680 inches or 42.67 mm. Golf standards demand that golf makers follow that measurement. In fact, golf makers, before they are able to sell their golf balls to the public, should be able pass a certain requirement.

This is the testing and approval for a golf ball, done by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews or R&A for short, and the United States Golf Association, or the USGA. These are the two official associations for golf; they work together to create and regularly revise the “Rules of Golf.” This is the official standards rule book of the game; it is made up of the standards set for the adequate range of performance. For example, there is a section on the Rules of Golf which talks about the minimum and maximum allowable golf ball flight characteristics, distance, symmetry, and velocity.

In general, there are three basic types of golf ball available for the player.

The first is the recreational ball. As made obvious by its name, it is the golf ball often used during casual or informal games. This is the type of ball often carried by a common golf player. This is also the most known golf ball. This particular type is characterized by having low compression and a reduction in sidespin characteristics. With this, it is often recommended to players who are more comfortable delivering low swing speeds. The speed is considered low when it falls just around 80 to 100 miles per hour.

The other classification of golf ball is the practice ball. Also known as the range ball, this certain type of ball is patterned closely to the recreational ball, but is created as cheaply as possible. It is still durable though, and has the same performance as the common golf ball. It, however, has a shorter flight distance and does not contain certain features that make it appropriate for a casual game. Because of its low price and lack of better flight characteristics, it is best for players who are still training to improve their drives and who often end up losing their balls during the game.

Taylormad Golf BallThe last of the three common types of golf ball is the best of the bunch. This ball, called the advanced ball, is a multilayered one that is created for professional and highly skilled players. Because it has three or more layers, it is able to produce a higher amount of sidespins, especially when players aim for lofted shots using the wedges. An advanced ball is also very tiring to use for inexperienced players because it requires the player to hit it with an above-average swing speed so that it would compress upon impact.

However, one cannot just hit the advanced ball as strong as he can because the swing speed should be able to match the provided golf ball compression. Matching the two allows the player to maximize the flight distance. Under- or over-compression would only lead to loss of flight distance. In addition, this particular golf ball type is substantially more costly than other types. These pro-level balls are often seen during sanctioned games and professional trainings.


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Do your People Need Motivational Speaker Success?

Downtimes are normal

motivational speakers Business just doesn’t go perfectly day in and day out. Things can turn sour with the simplest mistakes – say, a printer access suddenly revoked and you have mountains of reports to print – and easily blow out of proportion with the proper mixture of complaints, retaliation, and escalations (to the department Vice-President, for example). Or, things could simply turn out bad for no apparent, acceptable or valid reason at all – as when the client, without any explanation, rejects your proposed marketing strategy for the nth time. These are unpleasant circumstances, that are, unfortunately, inevitable.

What makes things interesting is that these tough times have a way of snowballing and running down an entire unit or organization. The problems could begin with Operations but extend to Finance and Accounting, sooner or later dragging Human Resources and Legal into the picture. And, as mentioned, that these problems would happen again in the future can be reasonably expected. When the right combination of gravity and frequency makes the perfect disaster, you just have to remember that there’s a solution around.


When negativity shows its ugly head, all you need is positivity-incarnate. That’s where we come in, to give your people motivational-speaker-success, that kind of success, activity or achievement inspired by a, well, motivational speaker. The formula we follow is simple: speaker plus motivation equals success.
Why and how this works could be better appreciated by understanding the various ways through which inspiration, one of the keys to success, is attained.

Getting inspired

With respect to its source, inspiration can be found either from the individual himself/herself or from another person. The former is also known as self-motivation, where the individual finds his/her inspiration and motivation through his/her own actions and efforts. He or she may find the sacred flames from sources that are internal (through meditations, ponderings and reflections) or external (by conducting one’s own research, reading inspirational books, watching clips, etc.).

The latter, on the other hand, may be further classified based on the relationship between the individual and the source of inspiration, to wit: close or distant. Inspiration comes from a close source if the individual gets the same from a family member, or a best friend, or a really special person, all of whom the person values and treasures. He or she sees, hears, and believes them. If the source comes from a stranger, say, a favorite athlete not known to the individual personally, or a motivational speaker, then we say that the source is a distant one.

Why would people need to get inspiration from another?

The best motivational tool differs from person to person. It depends on the type of individual to be inspired. Some would want to do things all on their own, while some would prefer getting a little help.
Top Motivational speakers are needed to achieve motivational-speaker-success for people who get inspired by other people either because (1) they can’t find inspiration or motivation on their own, or (2) they can’t find inspiration from the persons around them.

Signs that a motivational speaker is needed

It would most likely be impossible for you to determine the individual personality of all of your employees for purposes of determining whether or not they need third-party inspiration. However, chances are, motivational-speaker-success is what they need if they exhibit the following:

1. Consistently poor performance
2. They exceed their break times and/or go under-time
3. They won’t tell you the problem
4. They won’t listen to you
SpeakerOur motivational speakers will squarely address all these concerns. The absence of an employment relationship between them and their speaker would not discourage them from speaking with the latter during audience participation activities. Although most probably your employees will not voice out their challenges and problems to the speaker, they would nevertheless listen to everything the speaker would say – if that is the case, and if he or she is a good researcher and speaker, he or she would have hit and addressed the problem.
On top of all of that, our motivational speakers just have a way of making people laugh, putting them at ease, and getting everyone inspired to take the course of action you want them to take.

Yes, again, downtimes are normal; so should be inspiration – you just need someone to help you out sometimes, and you can get that just by visiting our site, trying to get in touch with us and avail of our services.

Useful Tips When Purchasing Custom Lanyards

Blank-LanyardsMany people easily get interested in buying custom lanyards right after they find out about the benefits of having them. Nevertheless, there are various things you have to consider first before finally making purchases. Your custom lanyards can look excellent but this, of course, depends on you. If you have not made up your mind yet, then it is safe to say that you need the help of an expert. If you are not aware of how the orders are done and where you can place yours, the tips you will get in this article will help you.

First and foremost, you have to find the best place to purchase custom lanyards –

You will need to opt for one with experienced specialists who have the essential skills needed to produce personalized variations. You must avoid falling victim to the marketing strategies of some stores so you will not just get disappointed in the end. You can take advantage of the internet. You will find many online stores and manufacturers that are already experienced in the industry. Compared to the local stores, you can easily find reviews about the online companies on the internet. This way, you will know which among them is the most preferable. This is also the most convenient way of purchasing your personalized lanyards.

You also have to check the samples of your chosen online stores to see if they are capable of creating the styles that you want your custom lanyards to have. This is important because the next thing you have to do is to choose the style that best suits your personality or the company that you want your lanyards to promote. If you are designing your lanyards on your own, you have to make sure that it contains all of the needed details if you have something that you want to be emphasized on your designs, just make sure to note it on your drafts.

The type of lanyards is also important.

You might want to consider opting for the printed ones since it will allow you to create and apply any kind of design. If offers the most precise way of applying any design on the lanyards. You can also make some design variations on your purchases if possible.


One of the crucial things that countless buyers forget when placing their orders or submitting their drafts is to indicate their desired size. You must consider the fact that there are styles or designs that can only be applied on lanyards with wider cords. Before you finally place your orders or submit your designs, you have to make sure that your desired scale is present in the draft. It has to be pointed out regardless if you are purchasing from local shops or online stores.

Finally, you have to make sure that you are aware of the price of your orders. Keep in mind that the more complex your designs are, the higher their prices could become. In addition, you have to be aware of the shipping fees. Making sure of these things will help you get the results you are looking for.

You have to keep in mind that if you do not buy appropriately, your orders could become pricey. The purchase could also take much time if it is not done correctly. In addition, you have to express what you want your custom lanyards to look like so the manufacturers can produce designs according to what you like. You will be able to come up with the best results by making use of these guidelines. By the time you place your orders on your desired stores, you already know the things you have to consider.